Alexis M. Collazo

Reader, Writer, Crafty Creator

It’s been a long journey

I've taken many detours, started and stopped many times and I still have a long way to go. I was a hot mess for years; lost, trying figure out who and what I wanted to be. Honestly, I’m still working on that.

No matter what I want to be, I have been a writer all my life. It's part of who I am as a person. Deeply ingrained in me is a love of language, words and storytelling. It's a compulsion, something I can't control. I play with words, imagine plot lines and turn friends into characters in my head while walking down the street. I relive moments in my life imagining different scenarios and creating new endings. No matter what I end up doing, I’ll always be a writer. Click below to find out more about my journey.  

What I’m working on now

  • I will continue offering Morning Write-in into 2023 and will start offering Journaling Jumpstarts in January. Check out the write with me page for more info and to see all upcoming workshops.

  • My current work in progress, Bar Fly, is a mixed genre memoir of sorts. Through poetry, poetic prose and essays, it explores the relationships of my teens and early years; friendships, first loves, casual conquests, alcohol, drugs, etc.

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